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Miss P discussing matters of the heart...on from 1800 - 2000hrs

9 years ago | 7017 Views
Coming up after Deejay Bronx is the Miss P SHOW with the following....

1. The issue of dads that turn after a few years of absence, should they be allowed access to their kids? If somebody had beeen absent from a childs life should they be barred when the decide to show up? Are you the dad who has been denied that access? Are you the mom whose kids dad has turned up after 10 years wanting to see your kid? Are you the kid whose dad decided "Mwana wangu iyeye" when you graduated or when you became famous? What does everyone else think?

2. Long distance they work? Are they doomed to faiure? Are there any special steps one needs to take to ensure their success? Also, are cyber relationships fruitful? Does anything come out of them at all?

Tune in @1800hrs GMT and have your say. Call in via skype or on the landline, or post your comments on the f/b wall. Asikhulume people!!
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Anonymous user 9 years
Fathers should have access to their kids any time! As for long distance relationships I personally think they don't work at all. I have seen many marriages being destroyed by the distance between 2 people
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