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Do you think that physical attributes are more important in maintaining a successful relationship or

9 years ago | 10563 Views

 There is no denying physical attraction in every romantic relationship, but how important is it. can you be in a relationship just because of the physical attributes lets hear your views/opinions


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Malema 9 years
MissP no ways, its not only appearance mama, BUT ma uthi physical attributes am not getting it because I think even the tools are part of them attributes so, mina I can say yes, yes and yes. Physical attributes ndizo. Tell them visionsfm guys to have a live skype feed so that we can call in and air our views. Its always nice to hear people sharing their opinions rather than the presenter reading.

Mina I think physical yeeepi. Thats why people do surgeries to have big boobs etc etc so kuyasebenza
myAfroTube 9 years
Its all about physical attributes that's how you get attracted to each other in the first place, some women with double double hips so you can say "babie rangu igudu"
myAfroTube 9 years
MissP is your show always about romantic relationship?
MissP 9 years
Afrotube yeah thts wat I focus on.....discussing matters of the heart...every thursdays btwn 1800 and 2000hrs..
iNdabaNdaba 9 years
I think thats what you should always be talking about otherwise people might end up with the wrong partners.
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