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Does age really matter in a relationship??? women dating younger men/ men dating older women???

9 years ago | 8127 Views
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myAfroTube 9 years
Age matters a lot coz you can not have an old man going for a woman young enough to be his daughter or the other way round. These 2 people sure wont have anything in common.
The only way that can happen is when the other half is just after money nothing else.
Taliyana 9 years
Yes MissP age does matter my frendo, I cannot date a 60 year old magogo just becoz some people say age is a number no ways.
MissP 9 years
it is often said love has no boundaries and u cant control who u fall in love with......
Malema 9 years
Age is just but a number, uthando, rudo kuphela matters. But at times ages works perfectly because yenza abantu bengadelelani, if a man dates a younger wife, the wife tends to give theman respect kodwa if it is the other way round, the woman will always be asking ukuthi ungamtshelani
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